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j9九游会具有多年的辣椒食用粉、色素颗粒的工艺设计和设置装备摆设制造履历。在j9九游会技能职员和宽大用户的通力合作[tōng lì hé zuò]下,辣椒j9九游会机成套设置装备摆设无效的办理了高水分辣椒加工中糊筛及辣椒皮中含籽率高和辣椒籽中含皮率高的题目,经过设置装备摆设的晋级改革和工艺的优化,完成了一条日产60吨的颗粒消费线每班仅用三个工人就能操纵。

Our company has many years of experience in the process design and equipment manufacturing of chili edible powder and pigment granules. With the joint efforts of our company's technicians and users, we have effectively solved the problems of paste screen, high seed content in Pepper skin and high skin content in pepper seed in the processing of high moisture pepper. Through the upgrading of equipment and the optimization of process, we have realized a 60 ton / day production line with only three workers per shift.


  • 针对辣椒中糖、果胶、脂肪含量高的特点专业设计,具有不糊筛、划一筛孔j9九游会颗粒度细的特点。 According to the high content of sugar, pectin and fat in Capsicum, it is designed professionally. It has the characteristics of no paste screen and the same mesh size

  • 可设置装备摆设主动控制仪,依据j9九游会机的负荷,主动调治喂料量,包管j9九游会机在工况下事情。

    The automatic controller can be configured to automatically adjust the feeding amount according to the load of the crusher, so as to ensure that the crusher works under the best working condition.



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